EndureAs local cooperatives, FS Companies believe it is their responsibility to ensure that our earth, our communities, and businesses perform together, sustainably. FS Companies are committed to ensuring the continued profitability for the company, their owners, and their customers, while acting to help the environment and greater good. FS Companies have joined their regional supply cooperative GROWMARK, in launching a new sustainability initiative called Endure that reinforces the organization's commitment to sustainability, and recognizes those practices that help us all endure and prosper over time.

Endure Pollinator Habitats
The FS System is taking steps to provide habitat and help increase local honey bee populations. FS Companies have set aside ground to plant over 65 habitat havens for bees throughout the Midwest. These plots are planted with Green Yard™ Honey Bee Wildflower Mix, donated by GROWMARK Inc., which is a combination of annual and perennial flowers that provide nectar and pollen to honey bees.
4R Plus Initiative In Iowa
4R Plus involves using precise nutrient management to provide nutrients when the crops need them and targeted conservation practices that enhance soil health and improve water quality. Healthy soil retains nutrients and moisture – and generates a corresponding rise in productivity, profitability and resiliency, and helping to increase the value of your land for the next generation.
Endure 4R Advocates
Endure 4R Advocates are individuals throughout the FS System who have been recognized for supporting growers in sustainable best management farming practices, demonstrating economic and environmental benefits.
Enduring Farms
The FS System created the Enduring Farm Award to award farmers who have excelled to preserve and improve their land and natural resources for future generations by utilizing proven best management practices such as using the 4Rs of nutrient management, soil sampling, phosphorus management, and nitrogen management .